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   On this site you will find various approaches to practicing mindful awareness in daily living. Likewise, each Friday morning meeting in Princeville focuses on ways to help remember that, no matter the circumstances, being fully present in each passing moment is the practice.


   Here, mindfulness means being curious and attentive to your immediate experience with a kind and open attitude.


   This practice of mindfulness is a reliable way of seeing how our thoughts and emotions influence our health and quality of life, both in the moment and over time.  The approach here is an invitation to the practice of mindful living as a way of being. It means a way of being fully present to what's here and now, just as it is. 


   At the same time, each awareness practice featured is about a certain way of becoming oriented to the conscious connection we share with one another as our time here together unfolds, step by step.  


   As you may already be discovering, the practice of mindfulness is a time-tested way of recognizing the nature of the mind which determines our reality


With gratitude to each and every guide along the way, especially those who have inspired appreciation for the mind-body connection in our health and well-being,


                      Don Maurer




Before moving to Kauai in 2018, I taught Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction and related courses at the UC Irvine Center of Integrative Medicine, following a thirty year career in Emergency Medicine. More information here: 

Please contact me if you have questions or comments.




Hanalei Valley


in Daily Living

When: Fridays 830-10AM

Where: Aloha Room at the Princeville Community Center, Kauai
current schedule at

"Mindfulness in Daily Living" meets weekly on Friday mornings, focusing on practical ways and means of living mindfully. Each session includes meditation and simple yoga, along with other awareness practices. The intention is to bring attention to what's at the heart of our health and well-being, in the moment and over time. 

From "beginner" to "advanced" in practice experience, you're welcome to join in.


See "Princeville Class" in menu for more information.

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