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This Is Not A Drill


At 8:08 AM January 13th 2018, the warning above was texted to all in Hawaii at the time. 

In the following 38 minutes, residents and visitors were suddenly flung into a state of extreme emergency. This intense podcast documents the accounts of individuals suddenly facing imminent death and nuclear disaster that morning, all sharing a unique and profound experience in modern life: 


Among the deeply moving personal accounts presented here, one woman shares her experience of paddling her canoe out on the ocean as usual that morning, aware of the incoming attack and, as was her usual practice, calling out with each stroke to the Ancestors to be with her in her journey into the new day...

Na ‘Aumakua

Na ‘Aumakua mai ka la hiki a ka la kau! Mai ka ho’oku’i a ka halawai Na ‘Aumakua ia Kahinakua, ia Kahina’alo Ia ka’a ‘akau i ka lani ‘O kiha i ka lani ‘Owe i ka lani Nunulu i ka lani Kaholo i ka lani Eia na pulapula a ‘oukou ‘o ka po’e Hawai’i E malama ‘oukou ia makou E ulu i ka lani E ulu i ka honua E ulu i ka pae’aina o Hawai’i E ho mai i ka ‘ike E ho mai i ka ikaika E ho mai i ke akamai E ho mai i ka maopopo pono E ho mai i ka ‘ike papalua E ho mai i ka mana. ‘Amama ua noa.

(Adapted from Hawaiian Antiquities by David Malo)


Ancestors from the rising to the setting sun

From the zenith to the horizon

Ancestors who stand at our back and front

You who stand at our right hand

A breathing in the heavens

An utterance in the heavens

A clear, ringing voice in the heavens

A voice reverberating in the heavens

Here are your descendants, the Hawaiians

Safeguard us that we may flourish in the heavens

That we may flourish on earth

That we may flourish in the Hawaiian islands

Grant us knowledge Grant us strength

Grant us intelligence Grant us understanding

Grant us insight Grant us power

The prayer is lifted, it is free.

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